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Sam has been incredible to work with these past months — the man literally over-delivers more than anyone I know or have worked with. Send Sam a message and you’ll be blown away by the work he provides!


Jef – Clear App Development

Sam is The Man when it comes to LinkedIn Ads, Copywriting, Email Marketing… if you want to generate leads predictably and affordably for your business, Sam is your guy! He’s incredible professional, patient, and takes the time to not only tell you that your marketing isn’t working but also explains WHY and HOW you can fix it yourself. 


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” Sam launched and managed a very successful LinkedIn/Social media campaign. Would definitely recommend!


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Sam made the process so simple and straightforward. After a few minutes of talking with him he already developed a great concept for my advertising campaign. 


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How I Schedule Weekly Phone Calls With Executives Using LinkedIn

Sam Saliu, November 2019

Hello there fellow B2B marketer,

I’m here to help you understand how to make profitable B2B campaigns using LinkedIn:

For starters, you need to realize that their company focus is NOT to help you make more B2B sales using LinkedIn.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look at their revenue stream. A steady growth of around 2/3rds is coming from Talent Solutions, which is a tool for recruiters. The other growing 1/3rd is from “Subscriptions” and “Marketing Solutions”…. AKA Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Ads. Both Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Ads are also mostly used by recruiters. This means not even 1/3rd of their revenue is coming from marketers! So it’s natural that we are not their main focus.

From time to time, LinkedIn may come out with a guide on LinkedIn Ads, InMails, or B2B marketing tips. But, these guides are filled with general information at best. Remember… more than 2/3rds of their revenue comes from recruiters!

LinkedIn Statistics


Despite this, LinkedIn is still the number one platform for generating B2B leads. It’s just important to know that you need to learn everything from scratch when it comes to mastering their tools for sales purposes.

To be direct with you, their guides, tutorials, and Q&A rarely offer any directly applicable information. Their recent Campaign Manager guide recommends a CPC bid strategy that’s the exact opposite of what I do. That’s right… I’ve actually generated an incredibly low average of $4-$7 cost-per-click and around $50 cost-per-lead by doing the exact opposite of their recomendation! (This is for campaigns targeting executives, which LinkedIn normally charges $12+ CPC on average.)


Sam Saliu Advertising Results


I constantly split test, make data based decisions, and never speculate on results. Because of this I’m able to far better understand their platform then the people they hire to promote it.

The cold hard truth is that you can’t learn this stuff from someone who’s hired by LinkedIn to make content on using LinkedIn tools to generate B2B sales. You want to learn from someone who uses the platform daily and generates sales for their own company. The best part is, you found someone who not only does that, but also for clients in various B2B industries.

I’ll teach you how to master all three main tools available by LinkedIn. As well as how to use them in combination, and with with other marketing channels – like email and content marketing. In short, you will learn the A-to-Z steps to master and use these tools. Also, how to use them in combination, to create “evergreen” integrated re-marketing campaigns.

This way you can master all LinkedIn paid and free features, and how to use them in combo. You will learn how to truly master online B2B Marketing and the tools available through LinkedIn.


What tools can I add to your profit generating marketing mix?:

◆ Proven/Tested Copywriting Principals (Email, PPC, Video Scripts)

◆ Ultimate B2B Online Prospecting Method

◆ Sales Navigator InMails & Integrated Re-Marketing Campaigns

◆ LinkedIn Advertising Mastery and Re-Targeting Campaigns


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