LinkedIn Lead Generation & Personalized Outreach

We generate PHONE CALLS and HOT LEADS with just a LinkedIn account

Let’s make your LinkedIn a B2B lead generation machine 

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Here’s what we provide for you

5+ Leads A Day

Consistent, willing and qualified leads every day

First we hand pick high quality prospects to target and build your list. We then message each one with PERSONALIZED copywriting and offer. After that, we even followup with them untill we get an answer or meeting request. We manage every stage of the LinkedIn lead generation process so you can focus on having sales conversations – not starting them. Not confident in your offering? No worries, we have a proven method for the creation and copywriting of your perfect optimized offer.

Phone Calls Every Week

Phone calls with executives interested in your offer

Personalized Outreach + Followups + Lead Nurturing = Sales Calls. It’s really that simple! We handle the entire LinkedIn lead generation process up until “hot leads” are ready for a call or demo with you. Best of all, we do it in a way that is respectable and doesn’t annoy leads or make you look spammy. Most of our competitors just send the same copy/paste message to everyone. We generate calls with real leads who have already expressed interest in your offer. Try us out and you’ll see how we help you schedule calls every week.

Fully Managed Service

Start-to-finish lead generation that snowballs and grows

Only log in to LinkedIn to schedule call times with leads. When your “hot lead” list grows past 100 – the lead generation will snowball further with just a $300-$500 monthly LinkeIn Ads budget for remarketing campaigns. If you have social media content for your company page, even better! However, a company page and social media content is not necessary for us to start generating 5+ leads day for you. All leads and data will be managed and available to you through private Google Drive files.

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Custom B2B Marketing Plan

What Included With Your Marketing Plan:

☑ 1 hr. Consultation Time: We’ll have an initial 15-30min call to learn about your current marketing and best target market. After you get your plan, you’ll have help from me with 1 hour total consultation time. I will personally help you setup your foundations or create your optimized offer if you don’t already have one

☑ Marketing Mix Outline: Breakdown of all the tools you should be using in your marketing mix. It also has your viable marketing tools listed from free to most costly. This way you can use the tools that are most effective, while also matching your marketing budget.

☑ Marketing Steps Outline : It’s pointless to focus on ppc ads if you aren’t already generating leads with non-paid marketing methods. Even more important, it’s pointless to focus on email or LinkedIn if you don’t even have a proper offer laid out. This outline will contain all the B2B marketing methods viable for you, and in what order you should be implementing them.

☑ Marketing Strategy Outline: I’ll lay out your entire B2B marketing strategy from A-Z. This will be customized based on our initial call and your best target market. Based on your current situation, I may even include some low cost “Plan B” method in case the first one is too costly or doesn’t perform well.


What is your refund policy?
Due to the time consuming nature of consultations we cannot offer refunds for less than 2 hour consultations. For longer projects required many hours, we do offer full refunds for up front hours paid, if they have not been served.
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