First Things First!

What’s your current level with B2B Marketing and LinkedIn operations?

LinkedIn Marketing Launch Blueprint

Properly setup LinkedIn foundations so you don’t waste your initial LinkedIn marketing efforts

✔ Get the important foundations of your LinkedIn profile and company page optimized and ready for lead generation (in less than 3 hours)

✔ Get prospects to pay attention and not ignore you after viewing your profile and/or company page

✔ Proven profile and company page setup that’s the foundation of how I get 5+ leads a day on LinkedIn without paid ads

✔ Learn how little social media and posting work is actually involved in making an effective LinkedIn lead generation campaign

✔ Be fully ready to reach out to prospects and even start launching ads on LinkedIn

✔ Step-by-step setup for LinkedIn Campaign Manager and LinkedIn Insight Tag (just in case you’re more advanced and ready to start advertising – “marketing gurus” charge $3k+ for this kind of info)



Best For:

Those who are just getting started and still need to optimize their LinkedIn Profile, Company Page, or setup Campaign Manager

Creating Your Perfect Offer

Optimize the presentation of your offering so propects know it’s ACTUALLY valuable and your outreach campaigns are non-spammy

✔ 3 Case Study breakdowns of I how improved the offers of a SEO, Website, and Software client

✔ Make sure your offer is fully optimized, so the only thing you need to test for is your copywriting in your outreach campaigns

✔ The psychology studies and proven advertising tests on why these principals improve your offer

✔ Full technical breakdown of how to package, present, and improve YOUR offer 

✔ Why an outreach campaign without a legitimate valuable offer is just a spam campaign

✔ Why a “Free Consultation”, “Ebook”, or “Free Trial” offering is not good enough to be considered a VALUABLE OFFER



Best For:

Those who have their LikedIn foundations setup and are ready to start marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn B2B Prospecting Mastery

Automate your prospecting while optimizing the speed and quality of your list building

✔ Automate your list building by using sales navigator in combination with two software tools that will dramatically improve speed and quality of prospects

✔ Exact step-by-step process you can follow and even tweak to match your target market or niche

✔ Focus most of your time on getting contacts to respond, instead of finding who to contact and how

✔ Targeted and high quality prospect list that you can use for outreach on LinkedIn, Email, or any other communication platform (even for custom audience campaigns with LinkedIn Ads!)

✔ The fastest and most effective way to build a prospect list and dramatically improve your outreach process (believe me, I’ve tried all the softwares and methods out there)

✔ Tight on cash flow? – I’ll even show you how to get all the prospecting benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator by only needing to pay for it once



Best For:

Those who want to automate their prospecting and speed up their outreach process

B2B Integrated Remarketing Mastery

Use all the tools of LinkedIn in combination with other platforms, to create long-term campaigns that keep you top of mind without annoying leads

✔ Learn how I generate MINIMUM 5 leads a day for myself and my B2B clients with just $80 per month spending

✔ Master LinkedIn Advertising with my case studies, split tests, and step by step breakdowns

✔ How to snowball your average monthly leads by launching LinkedIn Remarketing Ads that reduce costs by 2x and improve leads generated by 10x

✔  How to track, segment, and remarket to your leads through multiple avenues and platforms (both free and paid methods)

✔ Reach out and followup with leads in a way that’s respectable, non-spammy, and actually get’s executives to respect your message and reply to you

✔ Learn the real metrics you should be focusing on when tracking and marketing to your B2B prospects/leads



Best For:

Those who want to master LinkedIn, B2B remarketing, LinkedIn Ads, and learn how I generate minimum 5 leads a day with only $80 per month