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LinkedIn Advertising Service – Generating Consistent Leads & High Quality Website Traffic

Advanced Targeting

Advertiser with experience targeting audiences for clients in diverse industries. I analyze your past customer data to refine and segment your targeting. I can also use past data – to create low cost and high engagment re-targeting and matched audience campaigns.

Pinpoint Analytics

Forget subscriptions to analytics and market research software. I’ve got you covered on those. I’ll help you discover how to move forward on future campaigns – with data driven feedback and regular reports. I can even help you track which url company domain your visitors are coming from.

Risk-Free Payments

Payment plan that fits your spending budget and lead generation goals. Risk free first month trial to prove viability and future result estimation. No long term contracts with simple and straightforward management fee. Not even a single setup fee!

Why LinkedIn?

I help you generate qualified leads through a strategy your competition is likely overlooking, or simply doesn’t know how to implement. I’ve created digital campaigns for dozens of B2B companies, and amounted $10K+ on advertising spend for my own company Target Animations. Through that time I’ve come to the conclusion that LinkedIn is a goldmine for B2B! LinkedIn Ads is a fairly new platform that’s difficult to implement and requires high quality content creation. I can help you with that high quality content so it can generate consistent leads when advertised and/or very high engagement. My average CPL (Cost Per Lead) is between $25-$125 depending on the target market, industry, and offer. This is for the first month of brand new accounts! After the first month, we can likely lower the CPL even further.

Here’s What I Can Do

This picture is a snapshot of a “lead form ad” with a CPL of $36. It generated one highly qualified/willing lead every two days! If you sell anything over $500, you can see that LinkedIn can be massively profitable. Please keep in mind, this is for a long running account with lots of previous data. I focus on running small test campaigns to gather necessary data. With brand new accounts this takes a least one months worth of testing. The data gathered will allow for further optimization and creating profitable ads. If your company is new to LinkedIn Ads, patience is a must. If you are open to testing new marketing strategies, and trust in my process, then we make an ideal fit to work together. This way, you can focus on closing and improving your business… Instead of wasting days learning about ad platforms that are always changing.

Meet Sam Saliu
Your Advertising Specialist

Hello I’m Sam Saliu and I’ve been doing online advertising for four years while running a small company Target Animations.

From my own experiences of making campaigns with my own money, I know how to make a dollar count when it matters the most. I know you need someone who can be fully transparent about the possible results they can bring in. Promises are not enough either. You also need someone who can guide you step by step, with in depth explanations, as to why a strategy is likely to work or not work.

I’m not here to promise amazing results, and I’m not here to work with everyone. I can only handle so many clients at one time and only want to work with the absolute best. The best part about working in direct marketing and advertising, is that my clients’ success is my success. So I prefer to work with clients who are as excited and ready to close, as I am to bring them in for them.

I love working with innovative and small businesses because they usually have a lot of enthusiasm and potential for growth online. On average, I find at least two opportunities on LinkedIn that new visitors to this site have yet to capitalize on.

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SS Sig


Sam Saliu, Founder

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